About Us

We work with stakeholders to further systems change that see and serve the whole person in their community.

Medicaid Waiver Development · Outreach & Enrollment Strategy · Organizational Change Management & Coaching · Policy Analysis 

Our mission at Transform Health is to drive systems change to create healthy communities.

  • We are committed to a future where health and health care are comprised of systems of care that see and serve the whole person in their community.
  • As trusted partners for our clients and their stakeholders, we draw from multiple disciplines and perspectives to create community-level health systems change.
  • There is no problem too big or too small for us to bring community stakeholders together in pursuit of policy advancement and program innovation.

In order to meet the moment, here are the values we adhere to achieve our mission and vision:

  • Actively Listen: We create space to co-create and implement change.

  • Walk the Talk: We go the journey with our clients, dig deep, and solve for root causation.

  • Lead with Accountability and Integrity: Quality and outcomes matter – we bring analytical rigor to policy solutions.
  • Serve as Agents of Change: We develop and support a new health care workforce who are representative of communities, responsive leaders and thought partners, and reflective of our country’s rich diversity.
Strategic Advising

Our team curates health care research, market data, and policy changes to help our clients make informed decisions and develop successful strategies. We provide leadership and staff training, executive coaching, thought leadership and tailor our services to help you become more knowledgeable about the local, state, and federal health care landscape.

Needs Assessment

We can help you with small and large scale needs assessments to inform strategy and business planning. We bring together public health and service delivery data to inform our recommendations.


We have decades of experience facilitating difficult conversations in order to move work forward. When it comes to convening, we believe that actively engaged stakeholders help to create work plans and inform strategy that produces quantifiable outcomes. Our approach includes engaging leadership and partners in an open, collaborative, and solutions-oriented process to create plans that are strategic, realistic, and actionable.

Navigation & Coverage

Our team has a saying, “if they aren’t enrolled, it won’t work.” We believe strongly in the power of outreach and enrollment from a policy and program point of view. Many of our staff have been involved in aspects of enrollment across all major pieces of health care legislation from Medicaid, Medicaid Waivers, the Affordable Care Act and Medicare.

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Policy Analysis

With expertise in federal, state, and local health policy , we keep up-to-date on the health care landscape, so you don’t have to. Our team can prepare a broad suite of written materials to meet your needs from white papers, issue briefs, blog posts, and presentation slide decks to more extensive research papers. We are here to help distill the most complex policies into terms that are understandable and actionable.

Policy and Implementation

Beginning with a thorough review of the problems to be solved and goals to achieve, we provide you with thought leadership to inform and curate policy and technical assistance to identify practical solutions that can be implemented effectively. We work in collaboration with you to ensure that policies are designed for the outcomes you intend.

Health System Transformation

We work across the entire health care ecosystem from policy to implementation—consisting of public health, public policy, health care, coverage and access, health insurance, and the intersectionality of delivery systems change and value based payment reforms. We believe sound policies can lead to lasting change and health system transformation by creating programming that can address social determinants of health such as housing, poverty, and inequity.

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Program Design
We work with you to inform our intake process and create a work plan with tangible, measurable outcomes. Beginning with a thorough review of the problems you are trying to solve, and identification of creative solutions to address them, we will be your partner in designing an effective program through implementation.
Project Management
We have trained and certified project managers who can help you plan and execute scalable projects. Policy without a reliable plan to implement will not move forward. Our project management services are steeped in public and health policy so that you can effectively carry out your work.
Executive Coaching and Professional Mentoring
Our deep bench of expertise allows for a broader toolbox to give new and experienced leaders reliable and trusted thought leadership. We work with you to set goals that you can achieve that improve your bottom line.
Capacity Building
Technical assistance and sharing best practices are critical when it comes to implementing large scale efforts. We provide high-quality, time-tested, practical insights in order to ensure that you and your teams are organized around common goals. We work with health systems, hospitals, nonprofits, governments, primary care associations, federally qualified health centers, and campaigns in order to move implementation forward.
Stakeholder Engagement & Meeting Facilitation
Where possible, we make it our priority to bring together multidisciplinary stakeholders to achieve common goals. Our expertise in health system transformation, health policy, program implementation, outreach and enrollment, patient navigation, and systems change design for outcomes is unparalleled. We will work with you early and often in order to establish baseline goals and anticipate your questions as part of our overall strategy. We are results-driven and in order to get results, you have to ensure that all are given a voice.
Grant Writing
There is very little time in the day so let us help you expand your capacity by organizing and writing grants. We have several years of experience and success writing winning proposals for our partners, including federal, state, and philanthropic foundation grants.