Jaspreet Malhotra, MPH, MBA

Assistant Manager of Policy and Transformation

Jaspreet Malhotra serves as the Assistant Manager of Policy and Transformation for Transform Health. In her role, Jaspreet monitors and tracks state-based innovation related to Medi-Cal over multiple regions, specifically Los Angeles, Sacramento, and the Central Valley. She provides data analytics as well as backbone infrastructural and project management supports.

Prior to joining Transform Health, Jaspreet served as the Network Manager for a regional community information exchange (CIE) in King County, WA. In this role, she monitored the CIE’s network health, identified ongoing opportunities for network improvement, assisted with training and peer learning opportunities, and supported the design and implementation of innovation initiatives. Jaspreet is also skilled at building trusted relationships with key stakeholders, including serving as an advocate for partner organizations to ensure the system design incorporated their needs.

Jaspreet has provided training and technical assistance to partner networks throughout her career. In prior positions, Jaspreet has assessed the implications of existing and proposed policies and program decisions on partners and their workflows, including providing leadership and direction on technology initiatives that support workflows and communities. She continually centers equity in her work.

Jaspreet has a Master of Business Administration from Central Michigan University, with a focus on value-based organizations, as well as a Master of Public Health with a emphasis on management and policy from the University of Florida. Jaspreet obtained her bachelor’s degree in sociology, with a concentration in health and aging from the University of Michigan. Jaspreet spends her free time with her very energetic dog, Casper, and likes to travel. Her recent excursions include a solo backpack trip through Europe, visiting four different countries in two weeks.

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