Jodi Ray

Jodi A. Ray, MA

Director of Enrollment

Jodi Ray serves as the Director of Enrollment for Transform Health. In her role, she provides overarching strategic insights to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and curates a portfolio of capacity building best practices for enrollment work nationwide. 

Jodi comes to Transform Health with decades of experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating coverage outreach and enrollment systems both in her home state of Florida, and advising others around the country. Her ability to engage consumers and community partners in process change across the state during times of great transition has led to her broad scope and understanding of design and implementation challenges facing access to care. Her work in the state has received national recognition across nonprofits, by three federal Administrations, and in the press.  

During her most recent position, Jodi procured multiple federal funds for the state of Florida as a direct result of her strategic approach to problem solving and capacity building for coverage to care efforts in Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and for the Affordable Care Act. Her expertise in overseeing the largest federally funded Health and Human Services Navigator program in the country includes outreach best practices with an emphasis on vulnerable populations such as active-duty service members, veterans, immigrants, and their families. Her work in Florida also included funded initiatives from national nonprofits such as Protecting Immigrant Families, and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Jodi’s coalition-building and strategic approaches to designing infrastructure in enrollment are nationally recognized.  

Jodi is a recipient of a National Education in Children’s Health Outreach and Enrollment (ECHOE) Honor from Health and Human Services, a Healthy Hero Award from the Amerigroup Foundation, the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Health Care Community Outreach award and she has received numerous recognitions by recent federal Administrations and national groups for her work.  

Jodi is currently in the process of completing her Doctorate in Public Health Practice and has earned her master’s degree in mass communication from the University of South Florida and a B.A. from Florida State University in Creative Writing. Jodi is the proud mother of two children: Noah and Hannah. 

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