Mary Hunt Moore

Mary Hunt Moore, MPFM

Senior Policy Analyst

Mary Hunt Moore is a Senior Policy Analyst at Transform Health. She channels her extensive background in Medicaid and health policy into monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on critical policy developments. She plays a central role in developing comprehensive work plans, managing multifaceted projects, and leading insightful policy discussions with a diverse range of clients and stakeholders.

Before joining Transform Health, Mary spent eleven years working with non-profits dedicated to increasing health care access. Her career milestones include significant contributions to the roll-out of the initial Open Enrollment period for Marketplace health plans in Tennessee and spearheading teams of Navigators over seven subsequent Open Enrollment periods. At a notable non-profit law firm, Mary provided essential Medicaid eligibility policy expertise. Most recently, as the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Tennessee Charitable Care Network, she was instrumental in securing and managing state and federal funds to support the hiring and development of a Network-wide Community Health Worker program to support patients of free and charitable clinics in Tennessee in mitigating social determinants of health. 

Mary graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Middle Tennessee State University and later earned her Master of Public Financial Management from the University of Kentucky, where her Capstone research focused on Tennessee’s newest 1115 waiver, TennCare III. A proud millennial, Mary can fluently speak in ’90s pop cultural references and Harry Potter quotes. Whether she’s diving into policy analysis or the complexities of the wizarding world, her energy is just as effervescent as her favorite sparkling water.

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