Pearson King

Pearson King

Deputy Director of Social Care Integration

Pearson King serves as Deputy Director of Social Care Integration for Transform Health. With over a decade of experience in food systems leadership, Pearson spearheads the development and implementation of systems-change projects focused on addressing Social Drivers of Health. 

Pearson began his career in food systems as a farmer, managing the daily operations of a 100% grass-fed beef cattle ranch from pasture to point-of-sale. Since that time, he has worked at nearly every stage of the food chain, and he brings this hand-on expertise to his work in health equity. 

Before joining Transform Health, Pearson served as the Operations Manager at the Los Angeles Food Policy Council (LAFPC), a nonprofit working to create a more equitable food future, where he oversaw organizational operations and strategic policy initiatives. While at LAFPC, he created the LA Food Recovery Alliance, a coalition of food recovery nonprofits working on collaborative capacity-building projects, and spearheaded the design and implementation of the Food Rescue Grant Program, a participatory grantmaking project supporting local community-based organizations. Prior to this role, Pearson was the Agency Relations Manager at Food Forward, where he supported the many hundreds of direct-service hunger relief organizations receiving fresh produce from Food Forward. While at Food Forward, he developed innovative programs to distribute food through partnerships with community clinics and health centers by integrating food security into existing health equity programs. As part of the Center for Care Innovation’s Catalyst Program, Pearson worked with Venice Family Clinic and the Community Clinics Association of LA County to create a data-driven program to identify and address food insecurity within the patient population.  

Pearson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Policy & Community Development from the University of Vermont. He completed formal training in human-centered design with the Center for Care Innovations and is a licensed Innovation Catalyst through the Human-Centered Design & Innovation for the Safety Net program. In his free time, Pearson leads outdoor events for Climb the Gap, a group dedicated to cultivating a more diverse and equitable rock climbing community. Though based in Los Angeles, Pearson can typically be found escaping the city to go climbing in Joshua Tree, Yosemite Valley, or the Eastern Sierra. 

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